Trinh Cong Son’s Songs to Resound Again

Diva Hong Nhung

The live show “Nhu Canh Vac Bay” (Like the Flying Heron) will take place on May 12-13, 2006 at the Ho Chi Minh City Opera House, highlighting some of Trinh Cong Son’s famous songs of his lifetime.

“Nhu Canh Vac Bay” will present to the audience about 17 Trinh Cong Son’s songs to be sung by Hong Nhung after her two month musical courses in the UK. “The whole live show will form a story reflecting my creativity in the new artistic aestheticism”, Hong Nhung says.

Hong Nhung hopes that the live show “Nhu Canh Vac Bay” and her album of Trinh Cong Son’s songs will continue the success of the album “Khu Vuon Yen Tinh” (The Quiet Garden) she released last year.

Sources VietNamNet– Translated by Kim Khanh

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