US artist’s works presented in Hanoi

An art exhibition titled “Yu Yu Vietnam Blue” by American artist Mark Cooper and Vietnamese artists opened at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi on December 28.

Invited artists are from multi-disciplines of creation, including painting, sculpture, installation, fashion design, graphic design, craft, ceramic.Mark started activities with artist Vu Duc Hieu, Trinh Vu Hieu in making pottery, sculptor Luong Van Viet in wooden sculpture, family of artist Dang Xuan Hoa in painting, artisan Nguyen The Du and Nguyen Thi Liu of Du Liu embroidering house in making rugs, craftsman Nguyen Van Nam and Nguyen Van Hai from Dai Nam casting company, kite artisan Nguyen Dang Hoang and craftsmen at Bat Trang and Hoi An ceramic villages.

Mark Cooper is an installation painter and a sculptor. His works have often been made from composite materials (FRP – fiberglass reinforced plastic), Dó paper, paints, prints, photos and different textures from different countries and nations, by using various techniques.

He is known by the community-oriented works, featured by a combination and interaction with children, patients, students and anyone who wants to take part in working with him. These works were exhibited in famous locations. Examples are Harvard University (2015), The Museum of Fine Arts Boston (2013), Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston (2013) etc.
Exhibition “Yu Yu Vietnam Blue” is result of the cooperation for over six months of work. This event is an official part off the 20th anniversary celebrations of relations between the U.S. and Vietnam. After its closing date, part of the artists’ works will move to be showed at the artistic events in United States.
The display will run until January 9.


Translated By Kim Khanh

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