Viet Nam Wins Two Prizes of 19th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

The 19th Asian International Stamp Exhibition held at the Dubai Exhibition Hall in Dubai came to a successful after a three day display. When the final curtain closed, Viet Nam came away with two categorical awards. Viet Nam won a silver prize for 12 editions of the 2005 Viet Nam Stamp Magazine and a bronze for nine stamp collections.

The Viet Nam stamp collections won the prize for arrangement and presentation of rare stamps, variant stamps, and antique stamps on display.

These unique stamps attracted not only the attention of international collectors, but the organizing board who judged the contest as well.

The event, which saw the participation of stamp collectors from over 30 Asian, Pacific, and South African countries, as well as many elite international stamp collectors ended with a gala where the awards were presented to the top collections and representations.

Source VNA - Translated by Kim Khanh

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