Vietnam art exhibition to raise fund for children

An exhibition featuring contemporary art works will open at the Gem Center in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1 from October 27-29.

The 2015 Vietnam contemporary art exhibition will showcase art works of outstanding talents of selected artist’s groups represent Vietnam’s contemporary art to the international community, including sculptor Bui Hai Son, painters Le Kinh Tai and Nguyen Quang Vinh.

Exhibits are over 30 ambitious large-scale works including paintings minimum 180cm x 360cm, together with sculptures over 300cm in length by three well-established Vietnamese artists whose have their works exhibited internationally.

Born in Southern Vietnam, Bui Hai Son spent most of his life to examine the richness of the Mekong region. Through images of the rice seed with its growing progress as a way of observing the maturity of the self over time, he creates his works from wood and various types of metals resulting in sculptures that embody dynamics of message toward finding the origin.

Discovering himself from within the vastness of oceans was the reason Nguyen Quang Vinh started his seascape paintings. His current body of work, “The Return” is a continuous dialogue between his state of emotion flux. He borrows the marine’s mysterious characteristics to interpret questions about the self and fragile interdependent relationship between life and nature.

Coming from Da Nang, Vietnam, Le Kinh Tai brought the daring traits represented the people there. His sparks of humor combined with evocative words embody the idea of internal conflicts that are present in the modern society. Depict the subjects in almost raw and wild manner with the use of intense colors and expressive brushwork brought out the desire for the quest of finding the real self in such turbulent time of change. He expresses his vision of life, the perpetual fight on the path of pursuing happiness.

Money raised from ticket sales on this show will be donated to a children fund.


Compiled by Kim Khanh

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