Vietnam bans screening of ‘Bui Doi Cho Lon’ for violent content

The Motion Pictures Office has just announced a ban on the screening of the film ‘Bui Doi Cho Lon’ (Gangs in Vietnam’s China Town), for its violent content.

A scene in the film portrays gangsters killeach other without any intervention of police, residents or law forces (Photo: SGGP)

Board members of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and several related agencies have found the contents of the gangster film showing slaughter with knives, scimitars and swords without any intervention of police, residents or law forces as objectionable, and have asked Chanh Phuong Film Studio and Thien Ngan Company as well as the film’s producer to revise and make changes to the film.

Recently, the producer had sent a revised edition with some bloody, violent scenes eliminated. However, the film still incorrectly portrays the City. The authorities have hence requested Thien Ngan Company and the film producer, not to publicize or leak the film in any form.

The film producer has spent nearly VND16 billion (US$761,904) in the making of the film. This ban will serve as a warning to all producers not to visualize such violence in films.


By Nhu Hoa – Translated by Anh Quan

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