Vietnam terminates Chinese online game with map of East Sea

On the evening of December 19, according to sources of Saigon Giai Phong, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications had written to the VNG Corporation (Vinagame), the main game supplier of Chinh Do Online Games, to close the game because it breached the country’s sovereignty.

Vietnam’s VNG Corporation (Vinagame) has stopped hosting the online game produced by a Chinese company after finding the game had a small map of the East Sea with the illegal cow’s tongue line ( nine dash U-shaped line) inserted within it.

As per reports, on December 15, the online game Chinh Do was delivered to servers in HCMC. However, the next day, users and the   technical team of VNG found a small map of the East Sea in the bottom right hand corner, showing the U-shaped line.

VNG found this map on December 16 when its technical staff was reviewing the game “Chinh Do 2.0”, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game produced by China’s Giant Interactive Company.

The game was provided to VNG by Giant Interactive in 2008 and the game has since been updated from time to time to make it more attractive, an expert at VNG’s game publication department said. VNG is sole distributor of the game in Vietnam and after discovering the map, VNG deleted it immediately

VNG Company has officially stopped working with the manufacturer, the Giant Interactive Company. Before the game was stopped, many players discovered the map and expressed their anger.

They said that this is a malicious act of the Chinese company, and VNG has committed a mistake in failing to detect the map before launching the updated version.

Many other players requested that concerned agencies re-check all online games with Chinese origin that are being distributed in Vietnam.

The decision to close the game Chinh Do was supported by the online game player community. These players warned that local companies should not run after profits while neglecting their responsibility of protecting the country’s sovereignty.

VNG leaders also admitted that VNG had committed an error in inspecting the game’s content. However, VNG managing board assured that the map was not part of the game’s content that had been mutually agreed between VNG and the Chinese company.

The Chinese game maker deliberately inserted the map into the game without informing VNG about the insertion, they argued.

Yesterday evening, VNG said it had terminated its business relations with Giant Interactive Company and would stop distributing the game from December 19, as the Chinese partner does not “honor and respect Vietnam’s law and sovereignty”.

Source SGGP, Translated by MT

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