Vietnamese Ao Dai to showcase in Couture Fashion Week 2014 in New York

UNESCO award winning Vietnamese designer Vo Viet Chung as representative of Vietnam will attend in the Couture Fashion Week 2014, which will be held in New York, United States Of America on September 5-7.

The designer will introduce the collection titled "Hue khoi xu Nam Ky" (Beauties of Cochin china) including 30 designs made of mac nua material. The material has been used for a long time. It is nylon dyed with mac nua seeds, he said.

The ao dai collection made its debut in Viet Nam a year ago.

Vo Viet Chung is the first Vietnamese designer to win an award from UNESCO for his work in preserving Lanh My A, a rare traditional fabric of southern Viet Nam.

Couture Fashion Week gathering fine designers from around the world presenting exquisite garments and accessories has presented a series of couture and luxury fashion shows multiple times each year in prestigious venues in New York City and other selected cities.

By Khac Thi – Translated by Kim Khanh

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