Vietnamese Cricket Ventures into Stockholm

The cover of the book

From generation to generation, millions of Vietnamese children have been captivated by the enchanting tale of the trials and tribulations of a house-cricket and his interactions with those insects around him when they read the novel “ The Adventure of a Cricket”, a top-selling children’s book by To Hoai, one of Viet Nam's most famous authors.

Written in the 1940s, the novel has sine then been reprinted for a  hundred times and also been translated into various other languages.

It’s so delighted for a Vietnamese to come upon the dear novel in its green cover at the Tranan Publishing House, in No.11850 Wollmar Yxkullsgatan Street, Sweden, a country so far away from Viet Nam. 

Two women have brought the novel to Sweden through their translation of the novel. Anna Gustafsson Cheng, an editor for children’s books, who got married to a Chinese man, has translated "The Adventure of a cricket" just because of her interest in the novel and her love for the Asian literature.

The other is Mimmi Bergstrom, a Vietnamese woman by origin, who got married with a Swede and moved to Stockholm 17 years ago.

The motive for Bergstrom to translate the famous Vietnamese book is to connect her childhood with that of her two children, Beatrice and Philip. She said, “I take my children to Viet Nam every year to visit my parents’ graves in a hope that they will not forget their mother's native country. Also, I hope they will feel more connected to Vietnamese souls when they read the novel.”

A Swedish boy reads The Adventure of a cricket ( Photo: Tuoi Tre)

Not only the two children of Ms. Bergstrom but also many Swedish boys and girls enjoy reading 'the Adventure of a Cricket'. Mr. Styrbjorn Gustafsson, director of the Tranan publishing house, said that more than 500 issues of the novel had been sold in only three months.

The Swedish name of the book is En Syrsas but Mr. Gustafsson tenderly calls it 'the cricket' as if it were a dear small pet living at his stalls in the publishing house and in three book festivals held in Gothenburg and Stockholm in the past three months.

The beloved 'House-Cricket' is hoped to venture around the world carrying with it a message of peace and love to everyone.

Source: TT - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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