Vietnamese Fashion Brands in Foreign Countries

Such Vietnamese fashion designers' names as Sy Hoang, Minh Hanh, Lien Huong, Kieu Viet Lien, Le Minh Khoa, Vo Viet Chung and so on are no longer strange to international trading partners who are interested in Vietnamese fashions since their products have step by step approached the world fashion market.

A design of Le Minh Khoa

One can be very sursprised to find that there are several fashion shops named Le Minh Khoa and his products displayed in luxury shops in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s leading fashion centers, and his shops are also present in China's Guangzhou province.

“In fact, my clients are those who have been to many countries in the world. American customers have showed their surprise when seeing Vietnamese fashion designs, saying that Vietnamese fashions are opulent-oriented from their design to their material. I believe that our fashion industry will have an opportunity to approach the world fashion market in the future.” Khoa said.

“The itinerary for the fashion brand Viet Hung to set one foot onto foreign markets is not easy since only one mistake could make our products supplanted by others”, said fashion designer Viet Hung, who owns four shops in the U.S, two in Canada, two in Australia, two in Germany and one in Czech.

”I am trying to raise my shops in Japan to over 30. My handmade products are mostly wedding dresses, blankets, pillows and mattresses.” he added.

Kieu Viet Lien, one of Vietnamese leading fashion designers, is known for her most favorite designs of wedding and evening dresses, especially hand-embroidered items.

Kieu Viet Lien's design

Lien said that silk, velvet, taffta and lace are materials favored by foreign customers.

Meanwhile Japanese, Singaporean and Australian customers are so fond of young designer Cong Tri’s designs. And Lien Huong is known not only for her beautiful Ao dai designs but also for her wedding dresses and renovated suits throughout the world.

Fashion shows featuring Vietnamese designers’ products in such countries as France, Canada, Japan, U.S, China, Hong Kong, Italia, etc have recently made strong impression on the viewers.

”It is easy to recognize a fashion collection of Vietnamese fashion designers among hundreds of other opulent collections” , a Japanese regular customer of Cong Tri said.

These designers always try their best to integrate Vietnamese fashion industry into the world market, expecting Vietnamese fashion designs to be equal with the world's leading brand names.

Source TN – Translated by Kim Khanh

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