Vietnamese Films Aired in Mexico

A series of Vietnamese films were screened in Mexico earlier this month aiming at deepening Mexicans’ understanding and knowledge of Vietnam , its culture and its people.


The event was co-hosted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM ), the Institute of Vietnam-Mexico Cooperation and Friendship (IMCAV) and the Vietnamese Embassy in Mexico .

The films included Nguoi chien si tre (The young soldier), Song nhu anh (Living like him), Mui du du xanh (The scent of green papaya), Xich lo (The Cyclo), Ba mua (The three seasons) and Mua he chieu thang dung (The vertical rays of the sun).

Besides Vietnamese films, there were also screenings of two films that had Vietnam as their subject matter, namely Ha Noi martes 13 ( Ha Noi , Tuesday 13 th ) and 79 primaveras ( 79 Springs), shot by the renowned Cuban film-maker Santiago Alvarez.

Source VNA

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