Visitors buy good luck at Vieng market

People today traditionally flocked to a unique market in Vu Ban district in the northern province of Nam Dinh  to wish for a prosperous and lucky new year.

Visitors buy antiques and modern reproductions at Vieng market in 2014 (Photo: VNA)

According to popular belief, anything bought at the market, which opens every year at midnight on the 7th day and only remains open through the 8th day, will bring good luck to customers for the whole year.

The one-a-year spring market displays handicrafts, antiques and modern reproductions, utensils, agricultural tools, and many varieties of ornamental plants.

The most popular thing to buy is the roasted veal. It is considered the essential gift from Vieng market, no matter how high the price is.

The cheapest items at Vieng are flowers and trees, which bring both buyers and sellers happiness and good luck.

From around 2am, deals are done under the light of candles or flash-lights. Deals are agreed quickly as people believe it keeps the luck.

Visitors can then go to local temples and pray for a happy new year.

Vieng market is also a place to relax and meet people. Perhaps lovers will find each other here and have an auspicious future.

It is believed that Vieng market is linked to Nguyen Minh Khong, who introduced copper casting to the area, so people believe it is good luck to buy something made of copper at the market on the day of the festival.


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