Winning entries of WildFest announced

The jury board of the WildFest - a short film making competition to combat sinister crime against wildlife - announced 17 films winning prizes  after 3 month selection.

Poster of WildFest (Photo: SGGP)

17 films will be shown to the public in the framework of the WildFest including 11 films in competition, 3 out of competition and 3 invited filmmakers.

The competition aimed to promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of wildlife and people habitat, and effectively address issues related the illegal wildlife trade and rhino horn consumption through their powerful messages to the relevant target audiences.

Films are diversified and they reflect aspects of wild life consumption in the country. Not only Vietnamese filmmakers but also African, Thai, Malaysian and Australian filmmakers paid their attention to the matter.

11 films in competition are "Khi khu vuon im lang" (When the garden keep secret) of writer Nguyen My Dung; "Gui B" ( To B) of author Pham Thu Thuy; Chuyen chiec sung te giac ( Story of the rhino horn) of Hoan Nguyen; "Mot cuoc phong van"( An interview) of Nguyen Minh Huy; "Chu be 8 tuoi"( 8 year ol boy) of Anh Poly; " Nguoi bao ve te te "(Pangolin protector ) of Katrina Kaufman.

"Cơ hoi cho Vietnam de cuu loai te giac"( Opportunity for Vietnam to save rhino) of writer Vicky and Ness; "Mong" (Claw) of Nguyen Cong Danh and "Mot cuoc chien ky la"(A strange struggle) of Nguyen My Dung are out of competition films

"Ac mong" (Nightmare) of film director Nguyen Quang Dung; "Ai con song, gio tay len"(Who are still alive, raise your hand) of film director Nguyen Hoang Diep and "Nguoi te giac" ( Rhino person) of film director Bao Nguyen.

Famed Vietnamese actress Hong Anh, Vietnamese-American director Charlie Nguyen, film director Nguyen Quang Dung, film director Nguyen Hoang Diep, film director Bao Nguyen and wildlife experts from international organizations namely TRAFFIC, CITES, BCA and US Ambassador are jury of the event.

A big prize, a special prize and press prize will be given to winning entries. Winner for the big prize will receive cash of VND50 million (US$2,224) and a journey to Africa; winners of the special prize and press prize will be given cash of VND25 million and VND25million respectively.

The prize-giving ceremony will take place on November 1 in Hanoi as an outdoor festival of wildlife, a first of its kinds in the Southeast Asian.

WildFest is part of Operation Game Change (OGC), which is a joint alliance between Vietnam and the U.S. to have broad appeal and influence the public regarding illegal wildlife issues in Vietnam, particularly to stop rhino horn trafficking.

By LAM AN - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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