Woolen- carpet portrait marks late President Ton Duc Thang's birthday

A fleece woolen carpet depicting late President Ton Duc Thang has just been completed, in honor of the late president’s 122nd birthday (August 20, 1888).

     Ton Duc Thang Museum in HCMC

The rug is 140cm x 106cm and includes 32 colors and 200,000 knots.

Huynh Thi Sanh, 52, and Pham Thi Lo, 41 skilled artisans of the Sai Gon Woolen Carpet Company, who have more than 20 years experience weaving carpets, completed in the project in just over a month.

The woolen carpet portrait will be presented to Ton Duc Thang Museum in HCMC on the late President’s 122nd birthday, August 20.

By L.T.B – Translated by Khanh Huy

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