Young Publishing House introduces Trang The Hy writer’s book version

The Young Publishing House has released Trang The Hy writer’s three short stories and a poem collection to mark the writer’s the 90th birthday on 29 October.

Writer Trang The Hy has a original name as Vo Ngoc Canh. He was born in 1924 in Ben Tre. He participated in wars against the French and Americans. After 1975, he worked in HCM City and later he has resided in his hometown since 1992.

Writer Trang The Hy was considered as one of the southern region’s most venerated contemporary literature writers. During 50 years of his career, he has written total 50 short stories and poem collections. Almost contents of his pieces praised a declaration of life and deep humane values, including Mua am (Warm Rain), Tieng khoc va tieng hat (Crying and singing), Vietnamese- English poem collection Dang va Ngot (Bitter and Sweet) and others.

Vietnam's Literary and Arts Associations awarded the first prize to Tieng khoc va tieng hat (Crying and singing) in 2001.

On the writer’s 90th birthday, Young Publishing House plans to visit and congratulate Trang The Hy writer in Ben Tre on October 27.

By Xuan Than- Translated by Huyen Huong

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