156 Vietnamese students, researchers receive Odon Vallet scholarship

Professor Odon Vallet and Tran Thanh Van awarded Odon Vallet scholarships for 156 Vietnamese students and young researchers worth over VND two billion in Hanoi on August 23.

These are part of 2,250 scholarships for students, young researchers and high school students across the country with a total of VND 20 billion, including VND 8million for each student, VND 13 million for each researcher.

Odon Vallet fund was established by Prof. Odon Vallet, who inherited a large property worth EUR 120 million from his father- Dr. Jean Vallet. Professor Odon Vallet has used this money to establish scholarships fund for students in France, Vietnam and some African countries.

By staff writer- Translated by Huyen Huong

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