33 Chinese Universities Come to Tap Viet Nam Market

Students of Van Lang University in Ho Chi Minh City study in their class (Photo: Tuong Thuy)

Thirty-three China's leading State universities will introduce themselves in Chinese education exhibitions in Ho Chi Minh City on March 10-11 and Ha Noi on March 13-14.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the exhibition is staged at the Rex Hotel in District 1, according to Liu Ming, director of the city-based Viet Trung Hoa Investment Consulting Enterprise. The exhibition will then go to the Horison Hotel in Ha Noi.

She said her company organizes the exhibition together with the China Scholarship Council, an arm of the Chinese Ministry of Education, responsible for granting the Chinese Government’s scholarships to foreign students into China’s State universities.

Ms. Ming said the 33 universities in the exhibition have been selected by the council from more than 400 universities and institutions in China, permitted to admit foreign students. Tuition for studying Chinese at universities in China ranges from US$1,300 to US$2,000 a year, and that for a B.A. degree is between US$1,800 and US$2,500.

Mr. Sun Yang, deputy director of the company, said, on top of the government scholarships, the universities will provide their foreign students with allowances. For example, the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s annual allowance for a foreign student is 6,000 yuan (about US$800).

List of 33 universities in the exhibition 
1. Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, www.buaa.edu.cn
2. Beijing University of Technology, www.bjut.edu.cn
3. Chongqing Jiaotong University, www.cquc.edu.cn
4. Communication University of China, www.cuc.edu.cn
5. Donghua University, www.dhu.edu.cn
6. Fudan University, www.fudan.edu.cn
7. East China University Of Science & Technology, www.ecust.edu.cn
8. Guizhou University, www.gzu.edu.cn
9. Harbin Engineering University, www.hrbeu.edu.cn
10. Harbin Institute Of Technology, www.hit.edu.cn
11. Hebei Normal University Of Science & Technology, www.hevttc.edu.cn
12. Huazhong Normal University, www.ccnu.edu.cn
13. Hubei University, www.hubu.edu.cn
14. Jiamusi University, www.jmsu.org
15. Jianghan University, www.jhun.edu.cn
16. Jilin University, www.jlu.edu.cn
17. Kunming University Of Science & Technology, www.kmust.edu.cn
18. Nanjing University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, www.njutcm.edu.cn 
19. Nankai University, www.nankai.edu.cn
20. North China Electric Power University, www.ncepubj.edu.cn
21. Peking University, www.pku.edu.cn
22. Shandong Normal University, www.sdnu.edu.cn
23. Shanghai Fisheries University, www.shfu.edu.cn
24. Shanghai Jiaotong University, www.sjtu.edu.cn
25. Shanghai Normal University, www.shnu.edu.cn
26. Shanghai University, www.shu.edu.cn
27. Shanghai University Of Finance & Economics, www.shufe.edu.cn
28. Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, www.shutcm.edu.cn
29. Sichuan University, www.scu.org.cn
30. Sun Yat-Sen University, www.zsu.edu.cn 
31. Tianjin University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine, www.tjutcm.edu.cn
32. Tongji University, www.tongji.edu.cn
33. University Of Electronic Science & Technology Of China, www.uestc.edu.cn

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Reported by Tuong Thuy

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