After Study in China, VN students Come to Exchange

The Alumni Liaison Committee of Vietnamese Students Studying in China held its 10th annual meeting at the Ho Chi Minh City Friendship House Saturday.

The meeting is held every year for those who have studied in China, and all others interested, to gather and share ideas about China, Vietnam, education and cultural exchange.

Around 500 students who have studied abroad in undergraduate, postgraduate and apprenticeship programs took part in the exchange.

Many Vietnamese students who currently study Chinese in Ho Chi Minh City Universities also attended and conversed in Chinese with those who have lived in China.

A group of students who were the first Vietnamese to ever officially study in China in 1951 came to share at the gathering.

The reminisced about crossing forests and rivers to end up in China wearing sandals and backpacks with hopes of higher education.

This group was originally asked to travel to China by the late President Ho Chi Minh’s uncle in order to obtain knowledge they could bring home to help build the nation.

The former students, now old persons, said they always kept the excellent memories of old days in China close to their hearts.

Ms. Cao Duc Kha, Chinese Consulate General to HCM City, also participated the meeting.

Currently, there are about 5, 000 students studying in China.


Source: TT - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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