Bac Giang high school student becomes champion of Road to Olympia 2013

Student Hoang The Anh from the high school Bac Giang excellently won in the competition named Road to Olympia 2013 and became the new champion of the game.
The audiences, his friends and teachers are not too surprised with his victory because The Anh is an excellent student with comprehensive knowledge during 12 years.
Hoang The Anh's father is the principal of An Duong secondary school (in Tan Yen district) and his mother is a doctor so Anh always concentrates in his study.
In the school, Hoang The Anh is appreciated for his good academic achievements as well as hard working study. He always is an excellent student and has  won awards in many national competitions.
His mother told reporters that since he was young The Anh wanted to become a member of ‘Road to Olympia ’ program. Therefore  he never missed any program.
Thus, to make his dream become true, The Anh always improves his knowledge as well as his favorite subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics.
The new champion Road to Olympia 2013 was awarded laurel wreath and a scholarship worth USD 35,000.

The competition Road to Olympia is annually held for high school excellent students and the award is a scholarship in Australia.

By Vinh Xuan- Translated by Huyen Huong

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