Children’s rights event held

A program on children’s rights and ways to protect themselves was launched by the Law Advisory Center of the HCMC University of Law in June. It attracted many city residents, both children and adults.   

A volunteer from the Law Advisory Center carrying out a survey on awareness of children’s rights. (Photo: SGGP)
The program, co-hosted by the city Council of HCM Young Pioneer Organization, visited four districts, including 4, Binh Tan, Phu Nhuan and Nha Be.
It aimed to enrich the knowledge of the residents about children’s rights and teach children how to protect themselves from potential dangers.
On a Sunday morning in June in Ward 8, District 4, the program attracted local children with short comedies on a mobile stage.
Children were invited to act in situations in the comedies designed by the organizers.
They would have to provide a solution by themselves. Later the solutions were corrected by the lawyers and other law specialists.
In one situation about a poor family and with an alcoholic and abusive father, a teenager confided that he also lives with the same family crisis.
His sole action was to cry.
As for the situation, the specialists advised the audience member to refuse his father’s command to buy rice wine. This was believed to prevent the father’s rage occurring by preventing him from getting drunk.
On another Sunday morning at Phu Xuan Commune, Nha Be District, in a play related to traffic law, the situation was a student, while riding bicycle, dares to continue cycling when the traffic lights are red.
As the character did not have his hands on the handlebars, the student crashed into a pedestrian.
The participating audience member realized her mistake and apologized to the victim.
It was considered a good signal to the traffic and the society by learning responsibility.
Many parents also participated in the program.
At the events, parents learnt about the rights of the children and solutions for some family troubles.
In one situation where a husband gets drunk and breaks household items, a wife from Ward 14, Phu Nhuan District, decided to tie her husband’s hands and feet.
Not agreeing with this solution, the specialists recommended the wife to care for her husband and discuss the issue with her husband the next morning, when he is sober.
A husband, after seeing a situation that the child worries that his father could die from rice wine and begs him not to drink it anymore, said that if he were that father, he would give up the drink.
According to a report by Police General Department, Vietnam has seen 800 cases of child sex abuse.
The program is believed to be a necessary and urgent action to help children equip and improve their knowledge to solve problems and protect themselves.
Dang Tat Dung, deputy director of the Law Advisory Center, said: “The aim of the program is to improve the knowledge of both parents and children about children’s rights and to help children learn how to protect themselves from harm.
“The program attracted many children. Some of them are homeless children or the enfant terrible. We think of this program, both as a playground for children and as an extracurricular class, to improve social knowledge.”
Tran Thi Dieu Thuy, Deputy Secretary of the city's Committee of HCM Communist Youth Union, praised the program for highlighting the issues, “Currently the program is limited to residential areas, and only attracts 250-300 children. But, if the program can be applied in schools, at least it can attract 500-600 children. In the next school year, we will try all our best to apply the program in some primary and middle schools in the city.”
The program was carried out by a team of 24 members who are lecturers at the HCMC University of Law, psychology specialists, lawyers and law students.

Two surveys on children, before and after they participated at the events, found:

-   Before the event, 27.4 percent of the children did not know anything about their rights under the law. After the event, only 4.3 percent of the children had no idea about their rights.

-   About 87.4 percent of children said the program was very helpful.

By Staff Writers – Translated by Truong Son

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