Dong Nai authorities call for pork consumption in canteens

The head of the Department of Industry and Trade in the southern province of Dong Nai March 31 sent a document to related agencies, calling for the consumption of safe pork.

Accordingly, The Military High Command, the Department of Education and Training, Public Security and the Management of industrial zones in Dong Nai Province were required to encourage their subordinate units, canteens in schools and companies in industrial parks to consume safe pork.
The move aims at calling consumers not to “turn their back” on clean pork.
For fear of African Swine Fever, people have stopped buying pork resulting in a drastic fall of pork consumption in the province. Not only single customer cut down on pork purchase, but also canteens and restaurants did.

By TIEN MINH - Translated by LINH TRAN

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