Education Department issues strict penalties against cheating

The Department of Education and Training in Hanoi announced on June 13 strict penalties against anyone caught cheating during the 2013 National High School Graduation Exam at the Quang Trung-Ha Dong High School in Hanoi.

The department said right after an earlier incident of cheating released via media in which video clips were shown of students cheating, police in Hanoi set up an inspection team to investigate the case.

Inspectors verified the clip shots at Quang Trung-Ha Dong High School, including a shot of examination room No.50 and No.35 during Mathematics and Foreign Language Tests.

The Department sent its report to the Ministry and People’s Committee and reprimanded the Chairman of the Examination Board for his lack of responsibility in checking teachers in right conduct during tests, and also criticizing the deputy chairmen and secretary of the management board.

The Department also sent a warning to supervisors of examination room No. 35 who were in charge and breached exam regulations to let students discuss questions and copy from each other.
Supervisors outside the examination room No.35 also received reprimand for lax behavior.

By Lam Nguyen – Translated by Anh Quan

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