First Southern University to Announce Entrance Exam Scores

Most of the country’s universities and colleges are in the process of marking entrance exam papers and Tien Giang University, a southern school, already announced their Division M (Literature, Mathematics, vocational subjects) entrance exam scores yesterday.

Examinees at an entrance exam

The Tien Giang University has planned to announce the list of successful Division M candidates together with the Division A (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry), and Division C (Literature, History, Geography) exam scores today.

According to the school’s administration, the exam results this year are relatively low, with many students getting below 50% in History and Geography.

Other schools have finished marking multiple-choice exam papers and are rushing to finish marking written exams.

Most schools have reported relatively low average exam scores and therefore this year’s pass scores will be no higher than in previous years. 

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By P.D – Translated by Khanh Hong

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