HCMC education sector implements environment protection curriculum

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training has asked school managers to implement curriculum of environment protection following the city authorities’ environment pollution reduction program for the period 2018-2020, the movement “City dwellers don’t throw rubbish in streets and canals for a clean city” and solid waste separation at source program.

Young people join hands to clean canal (Photo: SGGP)

Young people join hands to clean canal (Photo: SGGP)

Along with implementing the environment protection syllabus, schools should design and popularize the information of the issue suitably with each groups of teaching staff and students of different levels.
More importantly, school managers ought to encourage its teaching staff and learners to follow environment regulations, raise their voice against littering in canals, sort garbage produced by their daily activities at sources and change their habit which badly impacts the environment such as using plastic items.
All above-mention contents could be carried out through extra-curricular activities in schools.
As per schedule, from September to October of the next academic year, the Department will tour schools in 24 districts to check how schools implement the program of environment protection.


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