Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology buys accident insurance for students

The management board of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology decided to accident insurance for 20,673 students in academic year 2019-2020.
The school planned to spend over VND600 million (US$ 25,894)  on buying an accident insurance worth VND40,000 (US$1.72) for fresh men within 15 months from the date of issue and VND30,000 for sophomore, third-year and four –year students within 12 months.
A school representative said that accident insurance is non-mandatory; however, technology students regularly use and touch chemicals, electricity and machinery while working in workshops and labs; the school came up with the idea to buy accident insurance to protect students from accident.
Moreover, some companies only admit trainees who have accident insurance.

By THANH HUNG - Translated by ANH QUAN

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