Immoral teachers banned from teaching

As per a dispatch to chairpersons of municipal and provincial people’s committees on addressing immoral teachers, Education Minister Phung Xuan Nha asked them to ban teachers from teaching for misconduct.

The dispatch said clearly that teachers in some localities have committed indecent acts which badly damaged the image of teachers and fuelled public anger.
The Ministry of Education and Training proposed people’s committees in cities and provinces to direct education departments to strictly adhere to the Government decree No. 80/2017 and the Ministry’s circular No.1737/CT issued on May 7, 2018.
Related agencies were asked to work closely with schools to step up vigilance to ensure the safety of students and prevent unethical teachers.
Teachers with misconduct should be forced out of the profession, said the Ministry.

By PHAN THAO - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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