International - Level Universities to Start

Deputy Minister of Education and Training Banh Tien Long

In late 2005, Ministry of Education and Training decided to spend VND4.5billion on nine universities to import foreign advanced training programs.

SGGP talked to Deputy Minister of Education and Training Banh Tien Long on this issue.

SGGP - Reporter: Could you explain more about foreign advanced training programs?

Long: This is a program designed for the whole training curriculum being applied in many foreign Universities. Its main language is English. It takes Viet Nam one year to examine and work with this program before official lauch.

I hope that Vietnamese education will increase training quality, getting closer to international university system. Students and lecturers will be upgraded to regional and international standard. I hope that these programs will upgrade students and lecturers to international level.

By some starting programs as experiments, we can expand in a larger scale which could attract foreign students.

SGGP: How can Vietnamese University get preparation?

Long: Students, who are fluent in English at the entry, must be trained and judged by credits of study.

All of lecturers must hold master degree at least and be familiar with modern facilities. Foreign lecturers, abroad -trained masters, overseas Vietnamese are warmly welcomed. Lecturers must be excellent at professional knowledge and English.

Universities must be verified especially to foreign universities whose programs are being operated.

All necessary parts relating academic subjects like schedules, training programs, exams, certificates… must be informed carefully. Facilities and equipments must be upgraded as well.

SGGP: How about the rights and duties of both students and lecturers?

Long: Certainly, both of them have special responsibilities and priorities. I want to remind students who enroll in international-level Universities that they, equal to those graduating from a foreign university, will have privileges in educational level in internal and external universities.

They would be offer favorable conditions when attending extensive training courses on scholarships awarded by Vietnamese Government or foreign funds.

SGGP: There are a lot of arguments on international-level Universities. What is your point of view? What is the connection between advanced curricula, textbooks and international-level Universities?

Long: I have heard about it. Creating International-level Universities, called “New University”, is not an easy task. This project must be supported by many experts and the Government as a whole. Personally, I suppose they would be Universities with very much autonomy.

Meanwhile, advanced curricula, textbooks are the first steps preparing for International-level Universities. I believe that they are vital roadmap for the project of “New University”.

SGGP:Thank you for your information.

Dinh Lan – Translated by Van Hanh

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