Low-priced Vietnamese ‘Robotic hand’ offered to the poor handicapped

22-year-old Ngo Van Det, student from the Technology Department of Pham Van Dong University (sited in the central province of Quang Ngai), successfully developed a low cost ‘robotic hand’ for handicapped people.

Ngo Van Det and his product for handicapped people

Ngo Van Det and his product for handicapped people

After more than 8 months of researching movements of hands as well as referring to similar models in the world, Ngo Van Det was able to create his own version of a cheap robotic hand for poor people with disabilities in hope that they feel more comfortable in daily activities.

The working principle of this machine is quite simple. After providing an energy source for the arduino, servo and sensors, we can apply force directly onto those sensors. In accordance with the received pressure, the resistance of the sensors will vary ranging from low to high values. These are then transferred to a processor to move string motors so that artificial fingers are able to hold items. Also, the holding action can perform better thanks to resilient bolts. When there is no pressure on the sensors, fingers will release their hold.

The new robotic hands use 3D plastic material, with elastic bolts to connect knuckles. The artificial hand operates based on rechargeable batteries.

As stated by 72-year-old Le Quang Trong from Khanh Giang Hamlet of Hanh Tin Dong Commune, Nghia Hanh District, before experimenting this new product, he spent around VND100 million (approx. $4,285) for other kinds of artificial hand, yet the result was not as wished. He commented that Det’s product was quite simple and easy to operate, and hoped that other disabled people like him can access it to improve their comfort in life.

According to Det, the first version of the product cost VND6 million ($257) due to many rounds of experiment. However, he estimated that the finished version would be sold at the price of VND3 – 4 million ($128.5 – $171.4) since the production cost was less than VND3 million ($128.5).

The ‘robotic hand’ of Ngo Van Det has just won the second prize in the scientific research contest held by his university.

By NGUYEN TRANG – Translated by Thanh Tam

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