Ministry of Education Asserts Legitimacy in the Sector’s Incomes and Expenses

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) released an explanatory note to explain how tuition fees generated by public schools, training institutions and centers of the national education system have been collected and spent.  This note is the result of the publics claim that tuition fees of students’ have been used in an ambiguous manner.

A large proportion of tuition fees collected will go toward improving schools' infrastructure, educational materials and students' gradution exams

According to the Head of the Planning and Finance Department of the MoET Nguyen Van Ngu, tuition fees in public schools, training institutions and centers have been collected and spent in compliance with the law of education and state regulations.  Accordingly, public schools, training institutions and centers hand in tuition fees to the State Treasury after collection from pupils and students and will be subject to state management. 

A large proportion of the tuition fees collected, approximately between 55 percent and 65 percent, will go toward improving inadequate tangible infrastructures in schools, educational materials and toward students’ graduation exams.  The remaining money will be used for financing the education sector’s management and administration.

Mr. Ngu added that public schools and training centers must document all spending and expenses in accordance with state regulations and strictly follow them up.  For the reasons mentioned, Mr. Ngu asserted that clarity in the education sector has been ongoing regarding incomes and expenses of all public schools, training institutions and centers.  The institutions have been required to regularly report their statements of financial disclosure to the relevant governing bodies for periodic verification.

As an extra measure, the relevant authorities at all levels carry out annual checks and inspections of public schools and training institutions’ collection and use of tuition fees to make sure that they have been carried out in line with current legal regulations.

Nevertheless, the explanatory note only mentioned about how the tuition fees of public schools and training centers are collected and spent in conformity with current legal regulations, and did not address in detail the ways the tuition fees have actually been collected and spent.

By A. N. – Translated by Phuong Lan

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