MoET calls for cooperation in education

Education Minister Phung Xuan Nha expected representatives of foreign education offices to cooperate with universities in Vietnam.

The Minister said at a meeting with 20 representatives of foreign education ofices yesterday. In tertiary education, Vietnam encourages foreign schools to teach more subjects which Vietnam needs for economic growth.
Schools can teach subjects as per the original curriculum or exchange students, lecturers; accordingly, Vietnam called for assistance of representatives of foreign education offices - education ambassadors” to assess training quality.
Moreover, Mr. Nha said the Southeast Asian country is striving to improve education quality from preschools to tertiary level. At present, private and international preschools in Vietnam have well done their mission in carrying out a literacy program.
The Minister hoped education ambassadors to introduce good colleges to exchange curriculum and link with local schools. He called for foreign investors to invest in education sector in Vietnam
Above all, he expected ambassadors to connect foreign researchers with Vietnamese peers.

PHAN THAO-Translated by Anh Quan

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