New science textbook for primary students in Vietnam

The Department of Primary Education has now prepared a highly visual science text book for primary school children, covering various aspects of social and nature related subjects.

The cover of the new science textbook for primary school children

The Department, part of the Ministry of Education and Training, together with UNET Education Group have  compiled the science textbook with DVD’s, calling it “Sky care-Lively science for children”  make it an interesting visual treat for young students.

Vibrant colored images and visual examples via films will help students learn and retain the subject much more effectively.

One set of DVD’s with 3 disks have been prepared for each grade. A DVD contains many film topics and each film is a visual imaging of the written textbook lesson.

The contents of the textbook have been verified by the Ministry of Education and Training in terms of quality and content. The DVD’s have been made using the latest most advanced 3D technology in Vietnam.

Hopefully, “Sky care-Lively science for children” will prove a valuable teaching aid which will help teachers change and improve teaching methods in schools as well as lend support to parents in teaching children at home.

Moreover, this product is expected to help primary students develop creativity and develop an interest in science subjects.

By L. Linh - Translated by Phuong Uyen

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