President sends letter to teachers and students in new school year

In a letter to the education sector on the occasion of the news school year, President Truong Tan Sang proposed the Government, unions, families and the whole society to pay more attention as well as closely liaise with teachers and offer good condition for students.
He also congratulated and lauded the education sector for achieving good result as well as sent his best wishes to all teachers, government workers in education sector and students across the country.

In his letter, Mr. Sang stressed that for the last academic year, with the support of all agencies and the whole society, the education sector implemented new teaching methods to improve education quality.
Thanks to endless efforts of teachers and students, Vietnamese students captured medals in internationals competitions, he said in the letter.
For the new academic year, Mr. Sang asked the sector to continue promoting the movement “Good teaching and good learning” amongst teachers and students. Sector leaders should listen to ideas of teacher, parents and residents to have proper methods and receive consent.
Mr. Sang added that it is so valuable that though teachers especially those in distant and disadvantaged districts, in border areas and islands districts live in hard condition, they still overcome their difficulties to have good contribution to education.
President Sang hoped that they would continue and have more contribution to educating and training students who are tomorrow leaders of the country.
In addition, President Sang expected students to develop the country’s learning tradition and exercise well to contribute to the country development.

By Lam Nguyen – Translated by Anh Quan

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