Project of Internationally-Standardized University Starts

Former Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Xuan Gia

A task force, led by Former Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Xuan Gia, responsible for the project of building an internationally-standardized university, was officially established under the Government’s decision issued on February 24.

SGGP had a talk with Mr. Gia over this national project.

SGGP: Could you say something about the task force?

Tran Xuan Gia: The project of an internationally-standardized university is managed by a 16-member group and a 6-member secretariat. We are responsible for all activities relating to this national project.

We are supposed to submit the project of building an internationally-standardized university to the Government, cooperating with many organizations and individuals in the construction process, researching the establishment of internationally-standardized disciplines in other universities with an aim to improve the educational level of Vietnamese students.

We plan to call for the direct assistance of educational and management experts.

SGGP: How can an internationally-standardized university be built with the lack of senior lecturers and finance?

Tran Xuan Gia: High quality lecturers in many developed countries like Britain, France, and the US are regularly exchanged among universities in order to update their knowledge. For Viet Nam, I believe we are capable of gathering many high quality lecturers. It is too soon to talk about specific measure for assembling excellent teachers, although they are so vital to the internationally-standardized university.

We are seeking for an appropriate source of finance. A university must be financed from the Government, loans, students and even its own scientific research projects.

SGGP: Analysts are discussing the two options to build the internationally-standardized university. Will a new administration be applied in existing universities? Or will a completely new university be built with a brand-new board of administrators? What is your point of view?

Tran Xuan Gia: Personally, I prefer a completely new university. It is so hard to change the management of the old one. The slow growth of the two national universities in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City is an example. However, we are listening to all arguments in the debate and will come up with final recommendations to the Government.

SGGP: What is your estimated time-frame for an internationally-standardized university to be open in Viet Nam?

Tran Xuan Gia:
It will take us a long time but everything must be started right now.

SGGP: I am sorry to have a very delicate question. Why is the project not led by an educational expert but you, Former Minister of Planning and Investment?

Tran Xuan Gia: Well, it is so sensitive. I know that there are many experienced educational experts in Vietnamese university system.

But, I know that the Government believes my experience in gathering elite people and running many important projects. I believe in our Vietnamese intellectual prowess. It is only the matter of finding and gathering them.

By M.L - Translated by Van Hanh

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