Reforms Needed for Science Research Activities

Professor, Dr. Hoang Ngoc Ha, Head of the Science Technology Department of the Ministry of Training and Education

The Pilot “Technology Cultivation” Mechanism

In the last five years (2000-2005), the rate of scientific researches applied in practice was pretty high. For example, in the technological field, the state just invested VND380 billion in research, but the technological transfer value was up to VND1,000 billion. Actually, in other developed countries, the rate was only 30%; however, it made a large added value.

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Training and Education have proposed a new pilot mechanism called “Technological Cultivation in Universities”, considered an innovation in putting research projects into practice.

The targets of this mechanism are to find out the technological know-how and to create practical technologies. The task of cultivating technology is not only proposing research subjects, but also finding out applicable know-how.

Since the end of 2005, with investment of VND16 billion, the Ministry of Training and Education have piloted the mechanism in four universities: Ha Noi University of Technology, Agricultural University I, Da Nang University of Technology and Can Tho University, requesting that all scientific research projects be of practical use and bring about real products. The piloted mechanism will be expanded to some other universities of technology by 2007.
Dr. Tran Nghi, Vice-Rector of Ha Noi University of Natural Sciences 

Setting Up Businesses in Universities

Previously, the basic scientific research projects of the University of Natural Sciences were hardly of practical use. But it has decided recently that basic scientific research projects must be closely associated with such technologies of practical use as material technology, NANO technology, earth technology. Of course, the rate of the scientific research projects applied in practice was only 30%.

Therefore, in order to boost up the rate, in early 2005, the University of Natural Sciences established its Natural Sciences Ltd. Company to apply scientific research to practice.

After one year, we had many export products, like: insulating pottery material, sound-proof pottery material, lingzhi mushroom. In my opinion, the model of setting up businesses in universities is an indispensable trend in the next development period. It is considered an optimized tool to put scientific research to practice.

Associate Professor, Dr. Bui Cach Tuyen, Rector of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry

Reducing the Gap between Talk and Action 
Scientific research covers many fields of social sciences, natural sciences, technological sciences with various properties like basic research, applied research and experimental implementation.

Therefore, the effects of scientific research cannot be measured by one common criterion. On the other hand, the social situation of the research is so important in measuring its effects.

Some written and unwritten mechanisms and irrationalities in scientific research management have created certain hindrances. Therefore, it is necessary to reform the scientific research managing mechanism, and we must try to bridge the gap between talk and action. Besides, the evalution of research must be based on its ability in meeting social economic demands.

Dinh Lan – Linh An – Translated by Hoang Uy

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