Rice University’s Connexions Shares Views on Viet Nam's Int’l Standard University

The international  standard university should focus on certain faculties, says Mr. Sidney Burrus (Photo: VH) 

Vietnamese builders of an international standard university and the Rice University’s Connexions held talks on necessary steps in building the first-ever top-ranking university in Viet Nam on July 17 in Ha Noi.

During the talks, member of the action unit posed many questions about the need for the future international standard institution and how to put it in smooth operation.

According to Mr. Sidney Burrus, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rice University, leadership is one of the crucial keys of the school’s success.

Every public school in the US has two leaders in charge of finance and academic teaching and research, and the university, as he said, should focus on certain faculties that would be of the future trends, instead of offering many training programs like some current universities do.

Prof. Tran Xuan Gia, Head of the Prime Minister’s Research Council announced that the project will be completed in early 2007 after looking into all the suggestions and contributing ideas.

Attending the workshop were Mr. Richard Baraniuk, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rice University and the founder of Connexions, Mr. Sidney Burrus, also professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rice University.

Link: http://cnx.org/

By VL - Translated by Van Hanh

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