Schools ordered to check students' medical history

Following the death of a  sixth grader in Ho Chi Minh City fainted and died a while after being hit with rulers by her teacher earlier this week, the department of Education and Training in HCMC's District Tan Phu January 13 ordered schools to pay attention to students' medical history.

In a meeting with school principals, the department representative stressed that schools must give a hoot to students' medical history to avoid such similar mentioned-above regrettable incident.

The department also sent a document to pre- schools and junior high schools in the district asking to ensure students' safety while they are in schools.

The regrettable happened in Phan Boi Chau Middle School in Tan Phu District on January 6. H. and another student from Class 6/7  were punished in a technology class since they did not learn their previous lesson.

The teacher asked H. to lie on a table and used a bunch of student rulers to strike her buttocks. After four blows, the teacher asked H. to move back to her seat, but she lay on the table and did not move.

Thinking that H. was pretending, the teacher asked a student to lift H. up and discovered that she had fainted.

H. was brought to the school’s health office, then transferred to Tan Phu District’s Center for Preventive Medicine and eventually the Tan Phu District Hospital but the hospital confirmed that H. died

After the incident, the district education strictly forbids all punishment forms including insult students and students' physical harm. Any teachers violating the sector's regulation will receive fine. Teachers should understand student family's medical file and students' psychology to have proper discipline.

In addition, schools must guarantee students' safety while they are attending in extra-activities.

By staff writer - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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