Second Phase of University Entrance Exam Begins

This morning, around 500,000 candidates majoring in biology and literature throughout the country are sitting for the second phase of the university entrance exam.

Students talk about the test after an exam session
The University and College Enrollment Steering Board asserted that test questions for the second phase of the entrance exam will be neither long nor beyond the content of curriculum.
To prevent cheating cases, the Ministry of Education and Training has sent lists of violators under division A in the first phase of the entrance exam to Enrollment Steering Boards in Universities and Colleges for their checking and overseeing.

According to exam regulations this year, 72 candidates who violated rules in the first phase of the entrance exam will not be allowed to sit for any other exam from now to the end of 2007.

According to the latest statistical report by the University and College Enrollment Steering Board, on the afternoon of July 8, the total number of candidates who had made it through the formalities for phase 2 of the entrance exam was 475,000, accounting for 65% of the total applicants, a decrease of 6% compared to 2006.

The universities with the lowest rate of registered candidates are the Finance Institute (50%) and the Foreign Trade University (59.4%), while the rate of total registered candidates competing for the University of Public Security is over 80%.

In the Mekong Delta, there has been a significant decrease in the rate of candidates who made it through the entrance formalities at the Dong Thap University of Pedagogy. For instance, the rate of registered candidates under the N division was only 51%. At the Tien Giang University, only 66% of the total number of registered candidates under division C were present at exam venues this morning, 27,893 candidates showed up at exam venues in the Can Tho University while the total number of registered candidates is 39,483.

Meanwhile, there are 17,280 registered candidates sitting for entrance exam into the University of
Pedagogy in the Central Highlands, among them 3,723 from ethnic minority groups. This year, the University of Pedagogy is enrolling students for its two newly-established faculties: Jarai language (division C) and Physical education (division T).

In related news, traffic jams occurred in several areas in Ho Chi Minh City on the first day of the exam. At some exam venues in Thu Duc District where thousands of candidates are competing for the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and the University of Agriculture and Forestry, before the exam hour, large crowds of parents and candidates blocked some main streets and elbowed others out in front of the school gates.

Meanwhile, news from the University of Can Tho Enrollment Steering Board revealed that many
Successful candidates show gladness in their expression while failures cry
candidates came to the exam venues late due to shortages of ferry trips and traffic jams.

In Buon Me Thuot City, the flight scheduled to leave for Ho Chi Minh City on July 07 was canceled.

Among the 60 passengers of the flight were many candidates for the university entrance exam in Ho Chi Minh City. Some cadidates decided to wait for the next morning’s flight which started at 7:15a.m., while others, fearful of being late for the exam, had no choice but to return their air tickets and rush to stations to catch coaches to HCMC instead.

Invigilators at the exam venues in the Ho Chi Minh City University of Law and the Hanoi National University had to make corrections related to personal details on the admission forms of many candidates. As to candidates who had lost personal papers such as identity cards or graduation degrees, they had to make a statement before being admitted into the exam rooms. 

By Staff writers – Translated by Phuong Lan

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