Services in education to be covered by state budget

The Prime Minister has issued the index of services in education that can use the state budget.

As per the PM’s index, the state budget will pay for educational activities for disabled children in preschools, teaching activities of mandatory subjects in primary schools and activities in schools for ethnic minority students.

The budget also pays for training activities in universities of pedagogy, or teaching subjects of Marx-Lenin and Ho Chi Minh Thoughts. Additionally, the budget will be used for paying teaching tuberculosis, mental illnesses, forensic examination, anatomy, and subjects in defense security subjects, basic sciences as well as training for master and Ph.D for above-mentioned subjects.

Moreover, expenditure for teaching theory and practice, scientific research of students who study two years or three years in education colleges or illiteracy eradication program and further education in continuous studying centers will be covered by state budget also.

By Phan Thao – translated by Uyen Phuong

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