Soft-skilled training program organized for elementary pupils

A special training program will be held by the Ho Chi Minh Department of Education and Training (DoET) for elementary pupils to intensify soft-skilled training activity.

This program will focus on communication skills to teach children how to talk with adults and friends properly, self-defense skills to prevent abuse and assault; accident and drowning prevention skills; and social media safety skills to teach kids to use social networks safely.
The training program’s content is designed suitably with elementary children to ensure learners’ activeness and creativeness.
According to DoET, this program will be organized once a week in the morning in schoolyard with the participation of all of the students. They will take turn to participate in all of skill sections.
Skill sections’ managers are the teachers who have joined in DoET’s training courses.
Each skill section will provide students a necessary skill under forms of activities, team work or self-work. Each course will last about 30 minutes. Skill sections will be located in schoolyard or in some classes at ground floors. Classes’ design should be suitable with training content

BY MINH QUAN - Translated by HAI SON

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