Students hold dialogue with educational leaders

In a dialogue with leaders from the Department of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh City on March 22, 150 exemplary senior high school students expressed their concerns over curriculum, job orientation, unruly traffic conditions and orders in front of educational facilities.

Encouraged to speak out their mind, many students voiced their concerns at the meeting. Nguyen Thi Hong Van, tenth grader from Phan Van Sang Senior High School in Hoc Mon District, said many students at school come by bus and therefore are sometimes late due to traffic delays on crowded road.

Van reflected that the environment around the school premises was   not very safe for students and many bag-grabbing incidents have occurred here. She proposed that the department coordinate with local authorities to focus on eradicating such social evil from school campuses in suburban districts.

Another problem of concern to students was the heavy curriculum and some teachers unable to explain the lesson contents, leading to students having to take up extra tuition classes.

Le Boi Sang from Nguyen Hien Senior High School complained that many redundant and unpractical lessons were a waste of time and must be deleted from the curriculum, so that students can focus on relevant lessons and necessary life skills.

Students from suburban schools wanted to have more opportunities in learning English with native English speaking teachers to improve their speaking skills.

Most twelfth graders were concerned about jobs orientation, as they have to make a career decision soon after graduation. They said incorrect job orientation would lead to choosing unsuitable jobs or those based on parents’ choice or friends’ suggestions.

The educational leaders recorded all the students concerns, saying that they will work to improve the shortcomings in the educational sector to the best of their ability.

By Khanh Binh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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