Students in culture universities receive exempted tuition fee

The Prime Minister decided to give incentive to students who study traditional arts in universities and colleges with programs in cultural studies and related programs.

Accordingly, in the academic year 2014-2015, university and college students following traditional studies and related program in state-run or private facilities will receive tuition fee exemption as well as bonus.

Cultural studies include bandsman for tradition drama, instrumentalist for Hue traditional folks and don ca tai tu Nam Bo (Southern amateur folk music), “Ca tru” (northern ceremonial singing), “hat bai choi” (a kind of traditional music).

Students studying cultural studies or related programs in state-run facilities are going to receive 70 percent exemption of tuition fee while their counterparts in private schools will receive exemption which does not exceed the regulated level set by the government.

In addition, students in these culture public schools will receive job incentive of 40 percent of scholarships per month and so do their peers in private schools.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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