Universities nationwide increase working time to serve students

Education Minister Pham Vu Luan yesterday sent his document to directors of the departments of education and training and universities, colleges nationwide about the application process.    
The document stressed that teachers should give enough information and be ready to help students change their option of enrollment into selected-universities. 

It is anticipated that from August 17 to 20, many students will come to universities and colleges for application, enrollment and re-submitting as well as withdrawal of their choice.

To serve students’ demands and for the success of the entrance examination, the Ministry of education and Training asked directors of the departments and headmasters of universities to mobilize staffs, officers by increasing the working time everyday to receive documents of students as well as help them withdraw their documents from August 17 to 20.

Schools asked teaching staffs to actively arrange documents of students whose scores are lower than set marks to facilitate withdrawal procedure easily.

If there are any problems arising from the procedure, schools should report to the Ministry for solution or guidance.

There has been big change in this year university application process set by the Ministry of Education and Training. The Ministry has combined the national high school graduation and university admission exams.

Once students received their exam marks at the end of July, they put together a single paper application and send it to their first choice university.

In addition, students should register with the ministry, listing a limit of three other schools as backup options.

Students have a 20-day window in which they can withdraw or resubmit applications as they constantly check universities' lists of freshman applicants to judge their standing.

By PHAN THAO – Translated by Uyen Phuong

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