University Entrance Examination Results

Nearly all university entrance examination papers have now been marked; 25% of pupils have received poor marks, especially in History, where 40% to 50% of pupils received below average marks.

Asking for the information in Thang Long University

The results have revealed a considerable problem.
In Literature, many of the exam marks were above average but overall there were not many especially high results.
As in previous years, the results show the high-school students’ exact level, but this year the average score may be slightly higher than last year due to the low number of students that received especially bad marks.
The Ministry of Education and Training has asked universities to analyze the reasons for the bad results in this year’s exams.
Many universities have already announced their results, including Thang Long University, Tien Giang University, Quang Nam University, and Maritime University.

By V.L.- Compiled by Xuan Huong

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