Vietnam demands security for students in US

Deputy Ambassador to the US Nguyen Tien Minh on December 29 asked US authorities to take immediate steps to ensure security for Vietnamese students.

Representatives from the Vietnamese embassy and the Bureau of Consular Affairs under the US Department of State met immediately after an attack against Vietnamese secondary school students in Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania State, injured seven of them but did not received timely interference from local authorities.

Minh asked the US authorities to launch an investigation on the case as soon as possible and hand down due punishments on criminals involved in the violence against Vietnamese students in Philadelphia.

He demanded immediate measures to be taken by schools where there are Vietnamese students to protect them from violence.

The representative from the US side took notes of the request made by the Vietnamese embassy and promised to convey this message to relevant authorities.

Minh told Vietnam News Agency that “the Vietnamese embassy in the US is closely following the developments of the case and will take necessary steps to protect Vietnamese citizens living and studying in the US.”

Source: Vietnam News Agency

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