Vietnam to strengthen education cooperation with Hungary

Within the framework of Hungarian President Ader Janos’s official visit to Vietnam, Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training collaborated with Hungary Ministry of Humanity Source held the first principle conference between Vietnam and Hungary universities in Hanoi on November 27.

The conference aims to implement an education cooperative agreement between two countries in an attempt to accelerate the progress of already-signed projects in the meeting on Vietnam- Hungary educational working group at Hungary in 2013; and the meeting on education cooperation and vocational training between Vietnam and Hungary at Hanoi on February, 2014.

At the conference, both sides Vietnam and Hungary focused on sharing information on education system in universities and research centers; giving government scholarships; educational policies. Besdies, two countries agreed to promote the cooperation in health care, agriculture, PhD training program, atomic energy and water in the near future.

Vietnam and Hungary has spent over 60 years for a good traditional cooperative relation in education and training.

On the other hand, Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and Hungary will continue to create the best favorable conditions to support two side’s education development via pledges, bilateral and multilateral cooperation programs.

In the previous time, nearly 4,000 Vietnamese students have studied in Hungary including 218 oversea students, said President of Republic of Hungary Janos Ader.

According to schedule, President Janos Ader will have an additional meeting with ex- oversea Vietnamese students in Hungary on November 28.

On the same day, Hungary's Liszt Academy of Music and the Vietnam National Academy of Music signed an education cooperation agreement.

By staff writer- Translated by Huyen Huong

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