Vietnamese teacher honored at Global Educator Challenge

English lecturer Tran Huong Quynh of the Hanoi National University of Education was amongst seven Asian teachers who were honored at Global Educator Challenge this year.

Lecturer Quynh in the winning team of this year event captured the prize with plan to design a curriculum for pedagogy students. The curriculum was designed with Minecraft program to help pedagogy students to understand the concept of integration and to listen to students’ opinion with device Flipgrid.
Innovative educators from many countries gathered together at the annual event to exchange ideas of improving experimental classes and new teaching methodologies to form highly interactive classes as well as modern teaching and learning skills.
The educational annual is held annually by Microsoft in Paris with the aim to create a forum where Microsoft innovative educator experts can exchange their creative ideas in forming highly interactive classes. After the event, innovative educator experts who had made good ideas in teaching were honored.

By KIM THANH - Translated by HAI SON

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