Dalat - Unforgettable flavors

Dalat, one of the most famous cities of Vietnam with many beautiful landscapes, is known as the city of flowers, love, spring and smog. The City of Flower is so dreamy and romantic in the cold highland region at night, with the foggy mornings and the pine forests surrounding it.

Thanks to the altitude and forests, Dalat has temperate climate, which enables it to become the birthplace of several fruits and vegetables in unique flavors.

The most popular one here is iceberg lettuce with white thick stem and fresh green leaves. When mixed with onions and tomatoes, it always gives a delicious salad and often is found in all major domestic restaurants.
Iceberg lettuce is cut into small pieces, served with beef noodles of Quang area and its crunchy, sweet taste brings special flavor to this kind of dish in Dalat.

Butter head lettuce is other well-known vegetable in Dalat. Its heavy head is round and stocky with the rotating leaves. The outer leaves are in dark green color but the inner ones are in light yellow, containing sweet fresh taste.

Dining table with kebab rice noodles, rice noodle soup is always bright and attractive when there is a vegetable dish of butter head lettuce with perilla, peppermint and coriandrum sativum put beside a small bowl of fish sauce mixed with lemon juice, pepper garlic.

Mixed fish sauce in Dalat also has outstanding flavor thanks to the deep green, small lemon and hot chili grown in Da Lat, adding more charming flavor to the dishes. The tiny pieces of this lemon leaves also help increase the taste of boiled chicken raised in Vietnam.

The small hot red chili in deep brown, green or red are minced and put a little into the fish sauce to give spicy taste to vegetables of Da Lat, making food dishes much better. The cabbage, French bean in Dalat are green and sweet and the potatoes here are big and contain thick yellow starch.

The special one is chayote. This kind of fruit is easy to grow, especially in the rainy season. Picked from trees, fresh chayote is cut into large pieces and boiled in a pot. It will give unforgettable sweet taste in the cold climate.

La Ba banana in Dalat is famous for its sweet and special aroma. It is much tastier when served with crunchy roasted peanuts.

The fragrant red strawberries are also a specialty of Dalat. They can be mixed with sugar for dessert or soaked in sugar for making wine. The strawberry jam served with hot and crisp bread makes breakfast in chilly mornings more delicious. 

Additionally, avocado and guava grown up in Dalat also have their own tastes. Referring to Da Lat, people often mention flowers because there are lots of special ones here.

Dalat’s roses give sweet smell not only from petals but also from the entire trees, branches, buds and leaves. They smell even sweeter when in blooms.

The other kind of attractive flowers in Dalat is violet. The green leaves and purple petals of this kind seem to bring the shyness of lovely girls. The small buds under the leaves seem to contain mysteries which could enter our memories.

Blooming mimosa brings the gentle beauty to houses, making the peaceful sceneries in quiet afternoons. The scent of these flowers always gives deep impression to people around.

And sunshine here together with the scent of flowers and plants could make sleeps deeper and dreams sweeter. Dalat, a city with its unique flavor, has created an own brand for a quiet city in green color and floral breezes.

Source:muivi.com – Translated by Vu Minh

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