Missing the grilled fish with blumea lanceolaria

It seems to me that the time when the weather gets cold is really such a great time to enjoy some hot grilled fish with rice vermicelli and vegetables.

Every time the cold spell comes, the soughing wind outside always reminds me so much about the memory of my childhood as well as the flavor of the rustic dish in my hometown.

I remember on the cold days, my mother used to go to the garden and search at the foot of the wall to find blumea lanceolaria to make the grilled fish. She said that blumea lanceolaria was very good for health. Especially in the cold weather, it is very easy to get flu, and my mother wanted to make a dish using that kind of leaves so that my family could have a tasty dish to enjoy as well as a kind of medicine to prevent the flu.

She chose ones that is good enough and then cleaned them, waited until they were dry. For the grilled fish, she bought some small fishes with just a low price in the market, then took out their entire bowel and chopped them.

When chopping, she added some blumea lanceolaria leaves, onion and sage so that the dish would be more fragrant. My mother said that by using small fishes, we would not have to remove their bone since the fish was still young; therefore, the bone was very soft.

After the fish had been well kneaded, she added some spices and pepper then mixed them steadily and used the blumea lanceolaria leaves to roll the fish just like the way we use the piper lolot.

Before rolling, we should swat the spine of the leaves so that it becomes softer, which would make it easier to roll. After rolling, using the stem to fasten the roll to make sure that the roll would not be broken when drying.

Next, pouring the oil into the frying pan and put the roll one by one into the pan, then turn them over steadily until they turn into yellow and have a typical fragrance of the fish and. Finally, laying the rolls on the plate and eating when they are still hot so that we would not miss all the special flavor of the dish.

We can use the dish with rice vermicelli and vegetables as well, but do not forget the fish sauce. It would be best if we use sour and sweet fish sauce with garlic and chili. In cold weather, it is such a great idea to enjoy this dish. The smell of the blumea lanceolaria leaves is quite acrid, but when using with grilled fish, it would create such a strange and very interesting taste and also help to reduce the fishy smell.

Grilled fish with blumea lanceolaria is really such an appetizing dish, which includes the special smell of the leaves and the natural sweet taste of the fish. Although the dish is very common, it has a high value since it is not only delicious and pleasant to taste but also a kind of medicine that can be very effective.

Source: xinhxinh.com.vn – Translated by Vu Minh

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