Tasty duck tongue dish

Only a tiny duck tongue, but it can gives customers many different experiences of soft, hard, crispy tastes in different intensity.

It’s hard to believe this small part of a duck can be used to make such an attractive food. Many people often wonder what the chef can do with these tongues. But once trying it, the guests all are satisfied and even addicted to this unique dish.

In rainy afternoons, it is wonderful to gather and chat with friends around a hot clay pot of dark fragrant grilled duck tongues mixed with green persicaria odorata’s leaves. 

Who has never eaten duck tongue would be unthinkable these tiny tongues can bring many different tastes of soft, strong and crunchy, giving the feeling that all the best flavors of duck are found here in her tongue.

The meat of duck tongue is as firm as the meat on ham but it tastes like gizzard when chewing. The front of tongue is crispy with young cartilage inside and the tongue itself is soft with greasy layer of fat covering the thin bone.

This kind of hot dish is more delicious when served with pieces of sour papaya, sweet cucumber slices and garlic flavor. Diners often ask some bread in order to enjoy the water in pot and this also brings a different feeling of this food.

Source:zing.vn – Translated by Vu Minh

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