Variety of toad in some tasty dishes

Dishes made from toad such as rice porridge with toad, fried toad or grilled chopped toad always attract many people for their delicious tastes.

A plate of fried toad

With most Vietnamese people, toad is very familiar. The beginning of the rainy season is also the season of toad.

Toad is also a traditional remedy. Eating toad can help to cure rickets and losing appetite for children and insomnia for adult.

From toad, there are three popular dishes that people are highly preferred: the rice porridge with toad, the fried toad and the grilled chopped toad.

Preparing toad for cooking is not easy actually. It requires the makers to be careful so that the toad will not be stinking.

To remove all their viscosity, people usually use bamboo leaves or ash. Doing so also makes the toad lie still and easy to slaughter.

Using a knife to remove the skin and all of the bowels, just keep the body and the thigh.

Most popular is the fried toad. After cleaning the toad, chop them into medium pieces. Then, embalm with some spices such as salt, garlic, lemon grass, pepper, sesame…

As soon as the toad is put into boiling oil, a delicious fragrance would spread around and make anyone feel so desired. This dish tastes best with raw vegetable and fish sauce.

The rice porridge with toad is a dish that any gourmets will not want to miss.

In order to make this dish tastier, it is recommended that the rice should be fried before being cooked.

Embalm the toad with some spices. Fry some onion and garlic with oil first. Then, put the toad in and stir them all steadily. 

When the rice porridge is cooked, pour the toad into the pot and mingle them all. When it boils again in a few more minutes, stop cooking.

Spoon the rice porridge with toad into a large bowl and then put onion over and sprinkle some pepper on the surface.

Apart from those two popular dishes, there is one dish from toad that is very unique and tasty, the grilled chopped toad.

Embalm the toad with pepper, chili, dried onion and then grind. Next, knead it into small round pieces and put those pieces in boiling oil. It is most suitable to serve this dish with raw vegetable and sweet – and – sour fish sauce.

Source: – Translated by Vu Nga

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