12- year-old girl donates cornea after death

Before losing consciousness from dyspnea yesterday a 12 year old girl agreed to donate her corneas to those in need.

Doctor of the Eye Bank is performing an operation for the donation of cornea

Doctor of the Eye Bank is performing an operation for the donation of cornea

After being treated for 9 days in hospital, because of the seriousness of her disease, 12-year-old Nguyen Van Nhi passed away yesterday. However

According to her relatives, Nhi had dyspnea for the first time when she was two. After diagnosis, she was discovered to suffer from laryngeal papillomas. Doctors had to perform operation to insert a tracheal tube in her trachea.

From that time, every 2-3 months, Nhi had to visit hospital for operation to remove papillomas.

On June 23, due to high fever and dyspnea, Nhi had to be hospitalized for emergency treatment at the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital. Sadly, doctors said that she could not pull it through this time.

Knowing this, her mother, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Van, decided to donate her daughter’s corneas after the death, which reached consensus among family members. The mother asked her daughter for decision , and although tired, Nhi batted her eyelashes to show her agreement.

After Nhi’s death yesterday, Doctor Nguyen Huu Hoang – Director of the Eye Bank, timely arrived to perform necessary operation for the successful cornea donation. He was deeply moved by the child’s heroic action, saying that this donation would undoubtedly save the life of others so that they are able to appreciate the beauty of life. He promised to deliver these corneas to needed patients as soon as possible.

Before death, Nhi was at grade sixth, yet she weighed only 28kg. Despite her disease, in 10 years, Nhi proved herself to be a very strong-will person and achieved good result in her study.

By NGUYEN QUOC – Translated by Thanh Tam

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